Social Enterprise

Worklink Group believes that everyone should have the ability to thrive. To help people achieve this, Worklink Group has two social enterprises that create opportunities. Clean Care Cairns started operating in 2011 and provides employment opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Clean Care Cairns quickly found success and has grown to be a high repudiable and sought-after service. Offering commercial and residential cleaning services, Clean Care Cairns operates in Cairns, Atherton and Innisfail.

Following the success of Clean Care Cairns, Worklink launched Green Care Cairns in 2016 and now provides employment opportunities for people within the garden maintenance and lawn mowing service industry. Both Clean Care and Green Care offer services we believe are equal to any other commercial operation in the region. Our difference is we are employing people who have journeyed through recovery and are now thriving through employment and contributing to the community. Something we are very proud of at Worklink Group.